Blazor Components
For faster and easier web development

MudBlazor is perfect for .NET developers who want to rapidly build amazing web applications without having to struggle with CSS and Javascript. Being written entirely in C#, it empowers you to adapt or extend the framework.

Project Sponsors

MudBlazor is thankful for its Open Collective sponsors and the companys that supplied us with their software.

Design goals

Material Design

Clean and aesthetic graphic design based on Material Design

Entirely in C#

All components are written entirely in C#

No JavaScript allowed

(except absolutely necessary)

No Dependencies

No dependencies on other component libraries, 100% control over components and features.

Be Included!

Each day the amount of people interested in MudBlazor grows and on multiple channels!

We aim at releasing often so developers can get their pull requests and fixes added in a timely fashion.

You can stop by if you need help, provide feedback, report bugs, or even if you just want to hang out!

Beautiful Apps

Developers can make beautiful apps without previous knowledge of CSS or the need to even create custom css classes.





dotnet mudblazor -activate ai-core

> Hi!

> Did you notice the screen to the right?

> Try it out, its a functional app built with MudBlazor

Welcome Back!

Click one of the apps to open them.



A playground for trying out MudBlazor components entirely in the browser.
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