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API documentation.

Check out the Examples for this component.


Name Type Default Description
StartIcon String null Icon placed before the text if set.
EndIcon String null Icon placed before the text if set.
IconColor Color Color.Inherit The color of the icon. It supports the theme colors.
IconClass String null Icon class names, separated by space
Color Color Color.Default The color of the component. It supports the theme colors.
Size Size Size.Medium The Size of the component.
Variant Variant Variant.Text The variant to use.
Disabled Boolean False If true, the button will be disabled.
DisableElevation Boolean False If true, no drop-shadow will be used.
DisableRipple Boolean False If true, disables ripple effect.
ChildContent RenderFragment null Child content of component.
HtmlTag String "button" The HTML element that will be rendered in the root by the component
ButtonType ButtonType ButtonType.Button The button Type (Button, Submit, Refresh)
Link String null If set to a URL, clicking the button will open the referenced document. Use Target to specify where
Target String null The target attribute specifies where to open the link, if Link is specified. Possible values: _blank | _self | _parent | _top | framename
ForceLoad Boolean False If true, force browser to redirect outside component router-space.
Command ICommand null Command executed when the user clicks on an element.
CommandParameter Object null Command parameter.
OnClick EventCallback<MouseEventArgs> Button click event.
Class String null User class names, separated by space
Style String null User styles, applied on top of the component's own classes and styles
Tag Object null Use Tag to attach any user data object to the component for your convenience.
UserAttributes Dictionary<String, Object> UserAttributes carries all attributes you add to the component that don't match any of its parameters. They will be splatted onto the underlying HTML tag.
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