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Name Type Default Description
Fixed Boolean True If true, drawer will be fixed.
Elevation Int32 1 The higher the number, the heavier the drop-shadow. 0 for no shadow.
Anchor Anchor Anchor.Left Side from which the drawer will appear.
Color Color Color.Default The color of the component. It supports the theme colors.
Variant DrawerVariant DrawerVariant.Responsive Variant of the drawer. It affects how the component behaves on different screen sizes.
ChildContent RenderFragment null Child content of component.
DisableOverlay Boolean False Show overlay for responsive and temporary drawers.
PreserveOpenState Boolean False Preserve open state for responsive drawer when window resized above .
Breakpoint Breakpoint Breakpoint.Md Switching point for responsive drawers
Open Boolean False Sets the opened state on the drawer. Can be used with two-way binding to close itself on navigation.
OpenChanged EventCallback<Boolean>
ClipMode DrawerClipMode DrawerClipMode.Never
Class String null User class names, separated by space
Style String null User styles, applied on top of the component's own classes and styles
Tag Object null Use Tag to attach any user data object to the component for your convenience.
UserAttributes Dictionary<String, Object> UserAttributes carries all attributes you add to the component that don't match any of its parameters. They will be splatted onto the underlying HTML tag.
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