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API documentation.

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Name Type Default Description
ChildContent RenderFragment null Child content of component.
Margin Margin Margin.None Will adjust vertical spacing.
Error Boolean False If true, the label will be displayed in an error state.
ErrorText String null The ErrorText that will be displayed if Error true
HelperText String null The HelperText will be displayed below the text field.
FullWidth Boolean False If true, the field will take up the full width of its container.
Label String null If string has value the label text will be displayed in the input, and scaled down at the top if the field has value.
Variant Variant Variant.Text Variant can be Text, Filled or Outlined.
Disabled Boolean False If true, the input element will be disabled.
AdornmentIcon String null Icon that will be used if Adornment is set to Start or End.
AdornmentText String null Text that will be used if Adornment is set to Start or End, the Text overrides Icon.
Adornment Adornment Adornment.None Sets Start or End Adornment if not set to None.
IconSize Size Size.Small Sets the Icon Size.
OnAdornmentClick EventCallback<MouseEventArgs> Button click event if set and Adornment used.
InnerPadding Boolean True If true, the inner contents padding is removed.
DisableUnderLine Boolean False If true, the field will not have an underline.
Class String null User class names, separated by space
Style String null User styles, applied on top of the component's own classes and styles
Tag Object null Use Tag to attach any user data object to the component for your convenience.
UserAttributes Dictionary<String, Object> UserAttributes carries all attributes you add to the component that don't match any of its parameters. They will be splatted onto the underlying HTML tag.
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