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Name Type Default Description
ChildContent RenderFragment null Child content of the component.
VisibleChanged EventCallback<Boolean> Fires when Visible changes
Visible Boolean False If true overlay will be visible. Two-way bindable.
AutoClose Boolean False If true overlay will set Visible false on click.
LockScroll Boolean True If true (default), the Document.body element will not be able to scroll
LockScrollClass String "scroll-locked" The css class that will be added to body if lockscroll is used.
DarkBackground Boolean False If true applys the themes dark overlay color.
LightBackground Boolean False If true applys the themes light overlay color.
Absolute Boolean False Icon class names, separated by space
ZIndex Int32 5 Sets the z-index of the overlay.
CommandParameter Object null Command parameter.
Command ICommand null Command executed when the user clicks on an element.
OnClick EventCallback<MouseEventArgs> Fired when the overlay is clicked
Class String null User class names, separated by space
Style String null User styles, applied on top of the component's own classes and styles
Tag Object null Use Tag to attach any user data object to the component for your convenience.
UserAttributes Dictionary<String, Object> UserAttributes carries all attributes you add to the component that don't match any of its parameters. They will be splatted onto the underlying HTML tag.
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