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Name Type Default Description
KeepPanelsAlive Boolean False If true, render all tabs and hide (display:none) every non-active.
Rounded Boolean False If true, sets the border-radius to theme default.
Border Boolean False If true, sets a border betwen the content and the toolbar depending on the position.
Outlined Boolean False If true, toolbar will be outlined.
Centered Boolean False If true, centers the tabitems.
HideSlider Boolean False Hides the active tab slider.
PrevIcon String "<path d="M0 0h24v24H0z" fill="none"/><path d="M15.41 7.41L14 6l-6 6 6 6 1.41-1.41L10.83 12z"/>" Icon to use for left pagination.
NextIcon String "<path d="M0 0h24v24H0z" fill="none"/><path d="M10 6L8.59 7.41 13.17 12l-4.58 4.59L10 18l6-6z"/>" Icon to use for right pagination.
AlwaysShowScrollButtons Boolean False If true, always display the scroll buttons even if the tabs are smaller than the required with, buttons will be disabled if there is nothing to scroll.
MaxHeight Nullable<Int32> null Sets the maxheight the component can have.
Position Position Position.Top Sets the position of the tabs itself.
Color Color Color.Default The color of the component. It supports the theme colors.
SliderColor Color Color.Inherit The color of the tab slider. It supports the theme colors.
IconColor Color Color.Inherit The color of the icon. It supports the theme colors.
ScrollIconColor Color Color.Inherit The color of the next/prev icons. It supports the theme colors.
Elevation Int32 0 The higher the number, the heavier the drop-shadow, applies around the whole component.
ApplyEffectsToContainer Boolean False If true, will apply elevation, rounded, outlined effects to the whole tab component instead of just toolbar.
DisableRipple Boolean False If true, disables ripple effect.
ChildContent RenderFragment null Child content of component.
TabPanelClass String null Custom class/classes for TabPanel
PanelClass String null Custom class/classes for Selected Content Panel
ActivePanelIndex Int32 0 The current active panel index. Also with Bidirectional Binding
ActivePanelIndexChanged EventCallback<Int32> Fired when ActivePanelIndex changes.
Class String null User class names, separated by space
Style String null User styles, applied on top of the component's own classes and styles
Tag Object null Use Tag to attach any user data object to the component for your convenience.
UserAttributes Dictionary<String, Object> UserAttributes carries all attributes you add to the component that don't match any of its parameters. They will be splatted onto the underlying HTML tag.
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