<MudLink Href="#">Default</MudLink>
<MudLink Href="#" Typo="Typo.body2">Different Typography</MudLink>
<MudLink Href="#" Disabled="true">Disabled link</MudLink>

<MudLink Href="#">Default</MudLink>
<MudLink Href="#" Underline="Underline.Always">Always</MudLink>
<MudLink Href="#" Underline="Underline.None">None</MudLink>

OnClick property provides a way to invoke an action instead of (or in conjunction with) Href navigation.

Count and go Count

Counter: 0

<MudLink OnClick="Count" Href="/components/link#onclick">Count and go</MudLink>
<MudLink OnClick="Count">Count</MudLink>
<MudText>Counter: @counter</MudText>
@code {
    private int counter = 0;

    private void Count() => counter++;

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