A slider is a visual representation and action to let the user select from a range of values.

Basic Sliders

Lets you select a value along the whole range.


Disabled Slider

        <MudSlider Value="@value">Volume</MudSlider>
        <MudSlider Value="@value" Color="Color.Tertiary" Class="mt-6" />
        <MudSlider Disabled="true" Value="@(20)">Disabled Slider</MudSlider>
        <MudSlider Value="@value" Disabled="true" Class="mt-6" />
@code {
    double value = 50.0;

Step Sliders

You can choose the increment with the Step prop.

<MudSlider Step="10" Value="70" Color="Color.Success" />
<MudSlider Step="25" Value="50" Color="Color.Warning" />

Minimum and Maximum Values

With the Min and Max properties, you can set the minimum and maximum allowed value.

Value: 50

Value: -0.75

<MudSlider @bind-Value="value1" Min="20" Max="80" Color="Color.Info">Value: @value1.ToString()</MudSlider>
<MudSlider @bind-Value="value2" Min="-1" Max="1" Step="0.05" Color="Color.Error">Value: @value2.ToString("F2")</MudSlider>
@code {
    public double value1 = 50;
    public double value2 = -0.75;
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