Reporting Bugs

Is it really a bug?

Consider if it's really a bug. Sometimes, the concept or use case has been misunderstood.
If you're looking to get help with something, we'd love to help you - but the best way to do that is through asking for help rather than reporting a bug.

Search the issues

Search through the issues and discussions first. If you find anything that seems like the same thing, comment on that one instead of creating a duplicate.

Minimal reproduction

To ensure that we can help you, we need to reproduce the bug reliably - in a minimal way and separately from the rest of your project. It makes it easier for us to narrow down what could be causing the problem, allow people to test potential solutions, and finally create a pull request to fix the issue. Start with TryMudBlazor. If you can be reproduced the issue there, you can save the code snippet and attach it to the issue. If not, provide a link to a GitHub repository with minimal reproduction (No complete applications).

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