MudBlazor Roadmap

MudBlazor is stable, with a significant reduction in the number of bugs. We remain committed to maintaining and improving the project, but as a non-commercial project we rely heavily on community contributions. We try to review and merge important bug fixes as soon as possible, so if your bug-fix pull request (PR) is overlooked, please tag a team member.
Future .NET Versions

We fully support both .NET 7 and .NET 8, and our top priority is to continue supporting upcoming .NET versions.
Upcoming Breaking Changes

We have put off breaking changes for a very long time and are now finally in the process of merging several of them and removing all obsolete APIs as we move to v7. Don't panic, we'll announce a release date for when we feel confident that we can hold it. Please view the [v7.0.0 Migration Guide]( to get an idea of what changes you will have to make. For those unable to upgrade their projects to v7: We will maintain v6.x for some time, largely relying on community contributions for bug fixes and backports.
Looking Ahead

Understand that our team members contribute to this project during their personal free time, so please don't expect the team to fix bugs for you. It's not feasible for us to offer free support to everyone, but we do our best to review and merge your PRs. That being said, we feel responsible for MudBlazor and intend to keep it going for the foreseeable future at a sustainable cost of free time by merging important bug fixes and new features if they enhance the project. After we've released v7 for general availability we will start planning toward v8. There is no ETA currently, but we aim to have quicker major releases with less breaking changes in the future. Please keep giving us your ideas so we can consider them for upcoming versions!
Get Involved

Contributions from the community are what makes MudBlazor successful. If you are proficient in technologies such as C#, Blazor, JavaScript, or CSS, and you wish to give something back, please contact the team [on Discord](! You can join our Contribution Team channel and discuss with other team members what you want to do to help and start making a difference on this very roadmap.
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